Wire Writer

Andy the Name Bender is back ! You can order Wire Names again. Either as a Name Necklace or a Name Pin.

Name Necklaces and Name Pins – These are handmade by me Andy the Name Bender. At the moment I have Silver Plated Name necklaces and Name Pins

Wire Writing Books / Ebooks – 2 Books written by me, “Wire Writing Secrets” which teaches you how to write in wire and make a Name Pin and a Name Necklace, and “Wire Writing Profits” my second book that documents how I made a business out of selling Wire Names and how you can too.

Coming Soon ! – I have almost finished re-vamping my “Kit & Caboodle” Course. A step-by-step tutorial course to teach you how to Write in Wire.

Note: At the time of writing (April 2020) Postal Services here in Australia and I am thinking World wide also, are unreliable as far as delivery times because of the virus situation, so I cannot predict how long it will take to receive physical products.