Wire Writing Secrets Ebook / Book



Teaches you how to Write in Wire. Full alphabets in Upper and Lower case English letters. Also Numbers 0-9.

Includes how to make a Name Necklace and a Name Pin.

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Wire Writing Secrets is 156 pages of Instructions and Diagrams that teaches you how to Make or Write all the English alphabet letters, Upper and Lower case, and the Numbers 0-9 in Wire. Also included are instructions on how to make a Wire Name Necklace and a Wire Name Pin. Here is the basic rundown of the content:

  • What tools you will need to start making Wire Writing
  • What sort of Wire you can use for Wire Writing
  • How to use the tools in Wire Writing
  • Commonly used loops and bends in Wire Writing
  • The Capital letters A – Z in wire
  • The Lower case letters a – z in wire
  • How to make a wire Name Necklace and a wire Name Pin
  • Some special letter combinations
  • Making numbers 0 – 9 in wire
  • List of suppliers of the Tools and Wire

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